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Tohdee... The Frozen Foods Specialist

Tohdee Frozen Foods provides temperature controlled cold storage (-18°C) as well as freezing (-35°C) and packing/repacking services for all types of food products such as seafood, fruits and livestock products.

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Why choose us?

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GMP certification from the Department of Fisheries and is certified by the Department of Livestock to be a storage facility for livestock products

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Cold storage managed using Inventory Management software to allow traceability


Comprehensive solutions offered including cold storage, freezing to packing/re-packing services

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24/7 surveillance via CCTV

Example of Product categories

Seafood products


  • Fresh seafood

  • Processed seafood products

Meat products


  • Beef

  • Pork

  • Chicken

  • Duck

Frozen fruit products

Frozen Fruits

  • Frozen fruits

  • Frozen fruit juice and concentrate

  • Frozen fruit products

Other frozen products

Other Products

  • Dairy products

  • Ice cream

  • etc.

*Tohdee Frozen Foods is certified by the Department of Livestock to be a storage facility for livestock products

Our Services

frozen foods

Cold storage and Freezing

We offer cold storage services for products in various types of packaging, such as boxes, bags, and baskets. Our cold storage facility is temperature controlled at -18°C and we also provide product freezing services (-35°C). We utilise a computerized inventory management system to ensure accurate inventory control and traceability.

Tohdee store room
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Product packing/re-packing

We provide packaging services including boxing, bagging, and sticker labelling. We also offer product repackaging services. Additionally, we are able to provide quality inspection and product counting services depending on the customer's requirements.

packing service
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We are able to provide loading and unloading service for goods from containers and transport trucks. Additionally, we are also able to offer pallet arrangement services according to the specific requirements of our customers.

loading service
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Inventory Management

We are able to help clients manage their inventory levels and perform stock checks using our in-house Inventory Management software.

Tohdee forklift and warehouse
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