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About Us

We bring nourishment and smiles to every mealtime

Welcome to Tohdee Frozen Foods! Founded in 2007, we are a leading provider of cold storage services conveniently located in the heart of Rayong City. Our expertise lies in offering cold storage and freezing solutions for all your frozen product needs. We take great pride in our cold storage facility, which has received GMP certification from the Department of Fisheries and is also certified by the Department of Livestock to be a storage facility for livestock products which highlights our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our cold storage has a storage capacity of over 1,000 tons at the storage temperature of -18°C meanwhile our freezer has a processing capacity of 40 tons per day at the freezing temperature of -35°C.


We are backed by a team of experienced professionals who excel in providing exceptional services to our clients as per our company mission: "We bring nourishment and smiles to every mealtime".  Moreover, our in-house Inventory Management system enables us to provide real-time inventory tracking for our clients. Our cold storage uses ammonia which is a natural and sustainable refrigerant.

Tohdee cold storage and forklift

Facts and figures

Cold storage Temperature

Freezer Temperature

Total storage capacity (tons)

Freezer Capacity (tons/day)





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